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WetScape - Wetland Landscape and Hydrology Model

WetScape is a DSS for selection, assessment, and planning of created and/or restored wetlands for best management plans. WetScape contains basin-wide siting tools with flooding algorithms based topology, and analysis modules based on management goals and ecological conditions.

WetScape Project Report


File Date Size Description
dem.pdf 2001-01-25 173 KB Documentation for DEM Merge Utilities - Adobe PDF Format
photos.pdf 2001-01-25 6KB Documentation for adding photos to Wetscape for viewing.
dem_merge.avx 2000-09-08 16 KB ArcView Extension - See directions in dem.pdf for installing on your system. 2000-09-06 5 KB Python Script - See directions in dem.pdf for installing on your system. 1969-12-31 Download page for Python - It is recommended that python be installed on a Unix machine to use the wildcard functions. A Unix command shell to run the python script will also work with an installation on a Windows machine. 1969-12-31 Download page for Grass 4.1/5.0 - These versions of Grass should be installed on a Unix machine. Grass 5.0 is used to import the ArcView grid using (note: grass4.1 does not have this function). WetScape is run with Grass 4.1.

Warrenty and Disclaimer

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