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WASP Builder - Wasp Input File Builder

WASP Builder illustrates river reach segments and exchanges between layers that are linked to parameter groups. It also simplifies the creation and modification of WASP parameter groups. It connects the parameter groups to this visual display.

It is a Windows 95/98/NT tool to build input files for EPA`s WASP 5 water quality modeling program which supports, metal transport, nutrients, toxicity, river, and contaminant transport modeling.

WASP Builder is currently under development and maintained by the Integrated Decision Support Group (IDS) at Colorado State University. This software was made possible by funding from the USDI Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Please send an email to Dave Patterson if you find any bugs or have any comments.

Warranty and Disclaimer

This program is distributed with the hope that it will be useful. However, the Integrated Decision Support Group makes no warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to performance, functionality, accuracy, merchantability, or fitness for any particular purpose. In no event shall the Integrated Decision Support Group be responsible for any damages, direct, indirect, or consequential, arising from the use of this software.

Please keep in mind that we will be adding additional features (possibly including suggestions we get from users :). We have tried to use several of the data sets provided by EPA as well as a couple of datasets created as part of modeling projects. The sample datasets that we have tested for WASP5 include : lake.inp, pond1.inp, pond3seq.inp, river.inp, sedpond.inp, setpond3.inp, t-lake.inp, and toxriv1.inp.


File Version Date Description 1.3.5 BETA 2002-07-26 Beta version of program. See changelog for details. Note: please uninstall any previous version before installing this version because the installation directory now defaults to C:\Program Files\WASP Builder.
Changelog 2002-07-26 Description of some of the changes made to the current version. 1.2.7 2000-04-01 Latest version of program. 2000-06-01 Zipped PowerPoint Presentation.

For information on installation see the WASP Builder Quick Start page.