Colorado State University

ADPP View - Agricultural Drainage Planning Program

Version 1.1.8 (1/28/11)

ADPP View is a menu-driven computer program that assists in analysis and design of existing and proposed agricultural drainage systems.

There are two components to ADPP View, a Transient-State Analysis Component which is used to compute drain spacings from field data and an Uncertainty Analysis Component which can be used to evaluate the potential costs and performance of a particular drain design or a range of possible drain spacings.

Developed by the Integrated Decision Support Group (IDS) at Colorado State University for the USDI Bureau of Reclamation.


File Version Date Description
2008 vcredist_x86.exe 2009-12-03 Additional Microsoft Windows libraries needed by ADPP version 1.1.5 and above. Install this if you have a problem running ADPP or if you are not sure your computer already has this installed.
ADPP Setup Files 1.1.8 2011-01-28 Latest version of ADPP.
Changelog.txt 2011-01-28 Listing of changes in each version.
ADPP Setup Files 1.1.5 2009-11-24 Latest version of ADPP.
ADPP Setup Files 1.1.4 2006-03-27 Previous version of ADPP.
ADPP Setup Files 1.1.2 2001-04-11 Previous version of ADPP.
ADPP Setup Files 1.1.0 1999-09-20 Previous version of ADPP.
adpp.pdf 1.0 1999-05-19 Latest version of the ADPP View User Manual.

For information on installation see the ADPP Quick Start page.